Yangtze River Dolphins are no more

June 15th, 2008

Written by Bri

by Bri

“The Yangtze River dolphin, one of the world’s rarest mammals, is no more,” begins a Time article from 2007. I had the honor of attending ritual theatre this weekend honoring and mourning for the extinction of this species in China. Now victims of overfishing (leaving the dolphins no food), pollution and boat propellers, these rare fresh water dolphins once c0-existed with humans and were honored as the goddesses of the Yangtze. We were asked to bring the story of the dolphins to the world so that they are remembered.

How many more species will live only as human stories? Collectively, we humans take and use at our convenience with little regard for all life. The joke is on us ultimately though, as we learn more and more that our survival depends on the health of the ecosystems in which we live, which depends on the health of all the living (like plants, animals, microbes) and non-living (like geology and soil components) system components.

A big thank you to Marie Summerwood and friends for bringing us this important work through ritual theatre.
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